RFTM Fake Accounts, Prank Calls, and Stalkers Unmasked

Pranks and Fakes

RFTM Fake Accounts, Prank Calls, and Stalkers Unmasked

I don’t know what you guys have seen or heard the past couple weeks but there has been a lot going on with people trying to fuck with me. No joke, I have had all of the following pranks occur within the past week alone (keep in mind today is Wednesday):

  • Multiple fake accounts of people posing as me (@rftm) or out of control fan girls
  • Prank calls with girls pretending to be strippers calling to find my location saying my ex sent them – BIG MISTAKE
  • People sending harassing text messages and pictures of me around my college campus

NOTICE: If you received a direct message, comment, phone call, etc from someone posing as me in the last 7 days (2/22/17 – 3/1/17), please be aware I had nothing to do with it and I have taken care of the situation.

This kind of childish bullshit has happened to me before so I am no stranger to it. I have mentioned this before but until recently it never really bothered me because I was the only one they targeted. The difference now is that they are going after people I am close to. Either that or my entire fanbase and those who are most active on my Instagram profile.

I pay very little attention to these pathetic attempts to get under my skin, but again, when you fuck with people I know and love, I will come after you. Liam Neeson doesn’t have shit on the things I would do to find out whoever the hell was causing my friends and family pain.

Despite what everyone else may be saying, let me clear the air here:

Q1: Am I single?

A1: Yes.

Q2: Am I looking for a relationship?

A2: No.

Q3: How does all this negative attention make you feel?

A3: Furious.

I didn’t care what my relationship was with the people these girls were hurting. I was going to set fire to their little operation and burn down every reason they had to ever do this shit again.

For those wondering, Mel and I don’t talk much anymore but that doesn’t mean fucking shit to me and why should it. You can’t imagine the kind of things I’ve gone through and done since she’s been gone so yeah, I’m very much still in love and hung up on her. I’ll protect her even broken up and 2,000 miles away.

Apparently these pranksters underestimated that, including my will and my abilities to find out exactly who the fuck they were and where they lived. Let me explain how I unmasked the bitches behind the curtain.

How to Catch a Stalker

    1. To start off, I kept track of all the new Instagram accounts made of me within the week and paid mind to the way they conversed such as text format, language, and style.
    2. Following that, I compared that research with the data I have complied over the years to possibly determine whether this was someone I have dealt with before or if it were someone new.
    3. Once I came to the conclusion that it was someone I might know, I knew they would make the mistake of continuing to prank call me until I simply stopped picking up the phone.
    4. I purchased a software service called TrapCall where restricted/unknown numbers are unmasked and the real number behind the phone call is revealed. Not only that, but it gives me the exact name and address of the Caller ID.
    5. So I waited. Sure enough, a few hours later I received back-to-back prank calls from the same girl. All I had to do was wait a few seconds and decline the call. TrapCall did the rest.

I’m the kind of guy who would post their number on my social media and blog to put them on blast but I get the feeling they would enjoy the attention. If they spend all their free time trying to get me to notice them then the last thing I want to do is give them what they ask for.

Instead, I decided to seek an even sweeter revenge. After I busted them (yes, multiple different girls), I made them aware that I had incredibly strong connections with powerful authority figures (like I work for the freaking police department, idiots) and that I would be turning their contact information and data history over to them immediately.

These chicks hung up the phone so fast that I never even got to finish my sentence. It has been complete silence ever since. Just as I expected. Only a coward would be stupid enough to make this sort of mistake and I made sure they paid for it. After all, they made this personal.

Moral of the story, I don’t like to be fucked with. I’m the very last person you want showing up on your doorstep calling you out for shit you did because I will effortlessly find a way to make you regret it. With that being said I know this will happen again because this kind of shit only gets worse the older I get.

Well. To those of you who think you have what it takes to bring me down, what the fuck are you waiting for?

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