Andy Black talks Birthday Cake, Finding Happiness, and Bettering Himself

Andy Black talks Birthday Cake, Finding Happiness, and Bettering Himself

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the first ever Andy Black tour in promotion of his debut album The Shadow Side, featuring 13 tracks including hit songs like We Don’t Have to DanceRibcage, and Stay Alive.

Not only did he preform fan favorites from the CD, but he also surprised the crowd with a few of his hit singles such as Savior, being a heartfelt tribute to the Black Veil Bride Army, and They Don’t Need to Understand.

Between performances, Andy would take a few minutes to engage audience members by telling jokes, a couple stories, or by introducing his inspiration for the next song in his setlist.

This was one of his crazy intermissions! In this video, he pokes fun at how he heard a random fangirl scream out the phrase “birthday cake” for no apparent reason whatsoever.

He continues on to make jokes about the outburst and how “even the most disappointing birthday cake is still alright” unless of course it was a “shit birthday cake.”

In a way only Andy can do, he turned a nonsensical holler into a life lesson of incomparable proportions, at least for me.

For those of you that struggle with anything, whether it’s something at work, or school, or an emotion that you have, I want you to know that… the lie that’s told is that it all gets better magically, and that’s not true. The reality is it gets better because you make it better and you have to decide that you want to make it better.”

Andy sympathizes with the crowd and explains how the changes he has made in life to eat healthier and to stop drinking have really affected him in a positive way, making him a much happier person.

He makes it quite clear that he never really had any problems to force these changes, but instead he simply realized in retrospect he had not been treating his body the way that he should.

Black Veil Brides fans, fear not! Andy has not left the band that skyrocketed his career in the music industry.

The solo artist Andy Black is a separate project that is completely differentiated from his rock band BVB, which is even rumored to be releasing a new album this coming winter.

I went into this concert with high hopes of Andy being everything I imagined him to be: hardcore, punk rock, and everything I have witnessed him grow to become throughout his years in the Black Veil Brides.

My experience was amplified ten fold in mere moments.

While I was standing outside the venue, waiting in the same place in the same line that I had been standing in for the past five hours, I heard him warming up inside through a cracked door.

This was not the Andy I was expecting, and to be completely honest, it was better.

I have been surrounded by screamo bands and hate fueled music for the last four years of my life (not to say they are related) and it was such a relief to find something, or someone, who I have admired for so long transform into something so elegant.

Being a huge supporter of Andy since the very beginning of his career, I have always respected his way with words, in and out of the studio.

He has never ceased to put his fans before himself in order to take care of the people who made him who he is today; a hero to kids throughout the world and across the galaxy.

You heard me right.

The Shadow Side is a marvelous start to a brand new side of Andy Biersack, or soon to be more famously known as Andy Black, musician extraordinaire.

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