Gym Class Zeroes

Gym Class Zeroes

In order for me to graduate college on-time next year, I needed to enroll into a required gym class over the summer, otherwise known as KINE 1000, or as I like to call it: a big waste of time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love staying active and having a reason to get my ass out of bed in the morning to workout, but the class itself is a joke. It is far from your basic 30 minute high school physical education period, being that most of the students in my selected section are, to put it nicely, very unfit.

For example, today (May 18th, 2016) we had our first physical fitness test composed of all the normal measurements of strength, endurance, flexibility, etc. This includes a pacer test, curl ups, push ups, sit and reach, and a BMI calculation.

We started with a pacer test. This is where all the students stand behind a designated line and when they hear a beep, they all run to a cone approximately 20 meter outs. After the sound of a second beep, the students run back across the starting line.

As this continues, the sound of the beep becomes progressively faster to the point where students slowly start to drop out from exhaustion, or in this case, sheer laziness.

The required amount of times a female was supposed to be able to run back and forth between lines in order to be declared “physically fit” was a total that was greater than or equal to 38. The required amount for males was 54 or better.

I had high expectations for myself because of how in shape I thought myself to be in at the time. I excelled at each and every aspect of the fitness test, especially the pacer. Although, the same cannot be said for my fellow classmates.

After running back and forth across the gym 72 times, I had to take a breather and count myself out. It was not a competition, but in my mind I had a goal set to outlast everyone in my class, which I accomplished with ease. Now before you think I’m coming off as cocky, let me explain.

We had about two or three classes merged with ours during the pacer test, so in total there was about sixty or more students participating in this event. After the first ten sprints, at least half the class dropped out. Doing the math, that is about 30 students in the first minute or so. Clearly not a positive ratio.

Another minute in and half the 30 students dropped out, making it 15. Then 10. Then 5. Then 3. The top three included myself and two other guys from a different section. It was pretty safe to say we aced this part of the test.

What stood out to me the most was how many people called it quits in such little time. Deep down I was rooting for everyone to do well, honestly. I don’t enjoy watching other people being ridiculed or embarrassed, no matter the person or situation.

Needless to say, not everyone did well. In addition to that statement, nobody even cared. Like I said before, everyone considers that class to be a joke. What I didn’t mention was that there are various reasons as to why people hate this class. Allow me to list them below.

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Reason #1: They hate being physically active and are full of excuses.

Reason #2: They are overweight or out of shape and do nothing about it.

Reason #3: They are afraid of being embarrassed and therefore show no effort.

My Reason: It is a waste of my time and for those who exceed expectations.

Okay now understand this: the reason that I say it is a waste of time is because I am already quite athletic and well built. I go to the gym at least four times a week, I have my own workout schedule, and I work at a job where 100% of my responsibilities include standing on my feet. So why am I required to attend a class where it diminishes my potential to improve myself?

Think about it. I’m being forced to do less than what I am truly capable of just so I can graduate with a college degree. Well I have one word for you ladies and gentlemen, and that word is RIDICULOUS.

This is the kind of fucked up system we are living in these days. I’m all for a required gym class for college students, but with different athletic abilities should come more challenging and beneficial activity. Maybe for those who are more in better shape, they should be required to take (or have the option to switch into) a weightlifting class.

The gym class I am currently enrolled in is designed to encompass all shapes and sizes of students. The problem is, in a country that is about 36% obese, all activities must be created with the overweight in mind, meaning they must be physically capable to participate in these activities.

What I found suspicious was that on the sheet we used to record our results for each event, there were also slots for the mile run and a pull-up test. I have a hunch that those two events were taken out of the equation due to the inability of majority students being able to complete, or pass, these tests.

My question is how that can possibly be fair for those of us who wish to compete in such events. I don’t want to utilize those tests to beat others or make them feel bad, but to push myself to excel in every aspect of the activity. Is that so wrong?

I think obesity is a huge problem that people don’t take seriously enough. Not only does being overweight dramatically reduce your lifespan, but it affects much more than just a single person.

I have nothing against the obese, but if you don’t have a logical excuse for being overweight (such as a disease or disability) then I can’t help but be ashamed of a person for letting their bodies get so out of control. What pisses me off the most is when the obese don’t give a crap about their weight, or even their health in general.

We are to treat our bodies as temples by staying in shape and eating healthy, with the occasional string of cheat meals or guilty pleasures. Becoming so heavy has exceptional consequences, including illness, depression, and nothing but a long list of excuses.

Please don’t try and tell me the reason you’re a little overweight is because of the environment you live in or because of how you were raised. Growing up I was offered anything I ever wanted, and I chose right my entire childhood.

Not only that, but being a broke college kid, I still managed to maintain a solid weight and stay in shape. I made time in my busy schedule of school, studying, work, my girlfriend, and family to work out. I had the will to be strong, and when there is a will, there is a way.

I did it, so why can’t you. JUST DO IT.


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