Top 5: Reasons I Hate College

Top 5: Reasons I Hate College

There are a thousand reasons why I think college education is a joke. For the sake of time, I have narrowed down my list to ten of the absolute worst. I am currently attending my junior year of college, which means I have three years experience in the art of this four-year nightmare. If you think high school was bad, just wait until you hear this.


Useless Textbooks

This is honestly one of the most ridiculous things on the face of the earth. College textbooks cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, that part is obvious. What makes me mad is the fact that almost every professor will require you to buy these overly expensive textbooks that you will use less than three times out of the year. Most of my teachers write their own textbooks, which makes perfect sense to require their students to buy them. They’ll change a couple of words each year to make students by a newer, updated version. More money in their pockets.

If you’re not required to buy a textbook, then it is an access code, which is just as expensive. On top of it all, sometimes you will even be forced to bundle your products to pass your class, which means you need both a textbook and an access code, just to get through your homework or study for an exam. Double the price. Double the waste.


Sleeping students

Going off the textbooks section, teachers that don’t teach you how to do the work are such monsters. You are literally spending thousands upon thousands of dollars a year just for your teacher to sit back in their chair while you vigorously study your textbook to learn the information they fail to teach you. When you realize it is all too much, your brains basically shuts off and you start to formulate the mindset of fuck it.

I signed up for a Social Media Marketing class this past semester in hopes of learning effective methods to grow my Instagram account, but sadly it was just a big mistake. My teacher was absent over half the semester and had her TA fill in for her, which was a blessing. Our two exams were worth 60% of our final grade and my teacher never thought a single lesson. The first test went so bad that she decided to make the second one open book. Not only that, but the final exam too. She refused to blame herself for anything, and that was expected.


College dorm

I lived in a dorm room during my freshman and junior year of college. Both produced the exact same result and reaction from me: it sucked. Everybody knows that dorm room living is not quite ideal, but I never thought it could have ever been as bad as it actually was. The size of my room was actually pretty decent and I had plenty of room to myself, along with my own closet and a big bathroom. The real problem was the people my college would stick me with as a random roommate assignment.

I could literally spend days talking about this, but I’ll sum it up. My first roommate was a drug dealer and had people banging on my door during all hours of the day and night looking for a quick high. Not to mention he would ripoff and steal from more than half his clients, most of the time without them even knowing about it. He was always drunk and extremely messy and inconsiderate to me.

My second roommate was some random I bet they found off the streets and were looking to squeeze a few extra dollars out of him. He started out cool, but then the one day when he asked for the room and I came back later that night to find my bed torn apart (he had sex on it), shit started getting bad. Long ass story short, he must have been so broke that he decided to steal my own debit card from me, straight from my wallet. Twice. Needless to say, you don’t fuck with me, so I called the cops and got him kicked out of my room. That process along took over a month and the school left me alone with him for that entire time, never following through on their promises to help me and ignored all my calls and emails. Looking back, I should have sued.


College parties

In every box office movie you have ever seen that has to do with college life (parties, sporting events, studying), reality is grossly distorted. Frats and sororities are not the coolest kids on campus, and if anything, they are the biggest douchebags. A college party is far from what you all expect it to be. It involves a hundred people with beer guts and fake tans packed inside a house that is too small and too hot with too many lights and sounds for any one person to comprehend. The cool thing nowadays is to mind your own business and stick with your clique, not to confront every person who passes you by in hopes of scoring a booty call.

Don’t believe what people tell you about the amount of homework and stress college brings. To be honest, this has been a breeze compared to the bullshit high school put me through. I’m taking 15 hours a semester, which is like five 3 hour classes split up among a weeks time. The workload is average. Tests aren’t difficult if you pay attention and study. Basically, homework will not consume your life to the point of dropping out. Work hard to play harder. You’ll still have time to attend the big game just to watch your overly confident team waste away majority of the season. I’ve had enough of Hollywood and this underdog for the championship crap.


College food

Wonder how America is so incredibly overweight? College is a guaranteed 1/3 of the blame, and let me tell you why. As a college student, you have the ability to purchase credits for food at your school. This can include meal passes and limited/unlimited dining hall entry. Despite what you have been told, college is a business. They want to make the most amount of money while spending the least amount of it. Typical. So deep-fried and fattening food is always on the menu, while the healthy side of life is undermined by the ill-prepared salad bar and rotting fruit.

As a broke college students, they are all going to eat whatever they can get their hands on, no matter the grease or fat content. I can’t stand the thought of eating unhealthy, especially on a repetitive basis. Meanwhile, these kids are out and about stuffing their stomachs with all the food they could ever ask for, never once considering the consequences of their actions. Of course it the college student should be making better eating decisions, but the school doesn’t make it any easier on them. How can they expect grade A students in tip-top shape with the garbage they dish out on the daily?

This calls for an equation.

Over Expensive + Pointless Lectures + Crappy Living + Utter Letdown  + Fast Food = College

Moral of the story is that college is not all it is cracked up to be. Millions of people go about their lives being happy as can be without ever attending a single day of college. You do NOT need college to be happy, and you most certainly do not need it to be successful. Not simply my opinion, but fact. So thank you college for being a complete waste of my time in my journey to be a positive influence on the world!  Enjoy the dirty money and I wish you all the best with future corruption of our young minds!


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